Meet Our Team! – Cherie

Where do you live? A: Dural

What is your Position at Result? A. Admin Manager

How long have you been with Result? A: Just Over Two Years

What are your interests & hobbies? A: My Horses and Dogs and going to the Gym!

What is your favourite food? Sushi and Thai. Yummy

What is your favourite quote? “The Most Courageous Act Is Still To Think For Yourself-Aloud” by Coco Chanel

What was the last book you read? My Life With Horses by Monty Roberts

Who / what were you in a previous life? A Cat (Lion or a Tiger)

Which superpower would you like to have? – Why? Eternal Youth, So I Can Stay Young Forever

Where is your favourite place you have travelled to? Singapore!!!

What is your favourite Movie? Gone With The Wind, Notting Hill and My Best Friends Wedding

What is your Star Sign? Libra / Virgo

If you could meet anyone in the world, Living or dead who would it be and why? Lady Ga Ga

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